Whats that dot in my status bar?

I have a dot in the statusbar of my Xperia Z5 Compact, running 0.21q.
I once read this indicates the microphone is used by any app, but nothing is running at least apparently.
Can somebody please enlighten me?


it means that there are some more status bar icons that don’t fit in that display area, like location indicator, or “do not disturb” icon, and so on. if you for example change the battery indicator to display just the icon (or just the percentage), or move the clock to the opposite side, it should show the proper icon.

it’s a bit weird because your phone doesn’t have a notch, so I don’t see why the phone isn’t using more of the status bar space for displaying those.


Interesting, thanks.
On the lock screen it shows me some more symbols in the bar though.
Is there a way to change something about this in the settings anywhere?

Additional question: what does the key symbol mean?


If you mean this kind of key, it’s for VPN :

Or, in my case, TrackerControl acting like a VPN.


Tracker Control in my case too!

Here it is Orbot showing it.
Seems to mean all the same: Securely connected.

it doesn’t necessarily mean “securely connected”, it’s just an indicator that an app is using a VPN functionality, be it for connecting you to actual VPN, or filtering traffic.

Ah, thanks a lot, NetGuard in my case.

Well then, may it be more as “something is working that makes the user feel better”?

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