What's the best 5" smartphone for /e/?

Hello community !

I’m a happy /e/ user since september 2018, with a Xiaomi Redmi note 4 (5,5" pouces, 2017)
it’s working great, I’m amazed about the performances
Unfortunately I lost the touchpad of my screen, so I had to use a 5" smartphone from Huawei. It was so slow because of the android OS & performance, but I liked the size

Now I have replace my Xiaomi screen, it’s really big. So I pick some 5" model on the “supported device” web page, but they all seem very old and I’m a bit afraid to choose a slow one

Are you using a 5" smartphone with our favorite OS ? How is it running ? I don’t need an amazing camera, and I just want Brave to be fast !

thanks for your feedback,


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I like the galaxy s4 serie because you can repair it yourself ( it is not glued ).

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thanks :slight_smile: I think the price is very high for a 2013 smartphone ? and only 16 Go, I need a minimum of 32 Go, how many is yours ?
Hope I will get some extra feedbacks

I am just getting started with /e/ and have narrowed down my choice to between the Samsung Galaxy S7 (5.1’") and the S7 Edge (5.5"). (I’m getting older at 63 that I’m leaning toward the larger one). They’re available cheap enough ($100-160 used) so it won’t be a big hit if I brick one of them, and modern enough for what I need. Anything over 6" is too big for me to handle comfortably. I would LIKE to find a 64 gb model but they are rather rare, and a lot more expensive. Hopefully without the bloatware, 32 gb will be enough. They’re also seasoned enough to have a large selection of available accessories on the market. Battery life is important to me, so the AMOLED screen is a plus (I actually prefer black backgrounds).

Before I start though I have a lot of questions, but those will be in another thread.

I found a xiaomi redmi 3, but I crashed it when trying to flash the recovery :confused:
Now I’m looking on a Motorola G5, with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal, I just need to check how easy it is to boot to a custom recovery

I like these two very much. They are smaller in dimensions than the G5 but have larger display size, especially the PH-1.


A higher spec phone similar physical size to G5, slightly narrower but with large display area giving it effectively a 6" display is the Pixel 5…coming to eOS in a few weeks time hopefully!

finally I bought a Motorola X4 ! just trying to install /e/ OS, can’t wait !!