WhatsApp bridge?



Many of us have friends on WhatsApp (or other social networks) and its going to be impossible to make them move on Telegram or Signal. And we don’t want to use anymore those GAFA Apps
Does anybody found a WhatsApp bridge to Telegram or Riot ?
It seems possible but I did’nt find any recent (and stable?) bridge


Roit does have a telegram bridge. As far as I know, you can’t create a whatsapp bridge because missing API.
I’m using whatsapp via island app. With shelter whats app is also working, but shelter does have some problems we e.


Is there a tutorial how to use whatsapp via the island app?


no, but it’s easy.
– Install shelter or Island
– add all kontacts do you need for whatsapp
– clone yalp or aurora into your work profile
– install with the cloned store whatsapp
– start whatsapp and complete whatsapp install
– be happy :slight_smile:

on my oero devices shelter is working. So better use shelter as island. shalter is a FOSS version of island


Hi, @harvey186, sorry, I’m quite new at this… What do you achieve by doing that? Using whatsapp without leaking data? Or just using whatsapp via another app?


whatsapp is spying on you like every other facebook app. And it is copying the whole adressbook to his own server, incl. all information which are stored in your contacts.

In shelter (island) I have setup only theses contacts I really use in whatsapp and I only have added the nickname and the phone number, nothing more. So Zuckerberg doesn’t get a lot information from me :smiley: and he doesn’t have access to my browser data and searches and so on :smiley:


Thanks for explaining! :grinning: