WhatsApp doesn't work

I just installed e on my Motorola Z Play. I just installed WhatsApp but it doesn’t work: it’s stuck on first screen (“accept and continue”). The two links (“privacy policy” and “terms and conditions”) work, they link to browser, but the green button “accept and continue” doesn’t work.
what should I do?

Try downloading WhatsApps from Aurora Store and installing.

I did it and didnt work. I also downloaded apk from whatsapp website and installed via adb but didnt work. Always the same problem

Which /e/ build are you using on your phone.


I followed instructions from https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/wiki/en/wikis/device/addison/info

I install external apps (APK files) manually, not via adb. So far it has always worked perfectly - including WhatsApp.

Some settings have to be adjusted beforehand:

Settings > Security > Option “Unknown Sources” and activate it.

Now I can install apps (APK files).

I managed to have it work by activating screen zoom (accessibility). There’s an issue that makes some areas of the screen un-tappables (not clickable). Sometimes I can’t answer to a phone call. So I triple tap, the screen zooms, and I can tap over the area that was previously disabled.
It’s an ugly workaround but it works.