Whatsapp - Location sharing blocks permanently your friend dialog

if i share my location, whatsapp crashes.
if my friend shares his location, whatsapp crashes too but also i won’t be able anymore to open this friend dialog! :cold_sweat:

I created an issue with some workaround

I’m running what’s app under shelter. And I can share my location with whatsapp. no crash.
My fried can open the location and he could send my his location. I can open it in whatsapp via Maps. All no problem
Try using Whatsapp under shelter :smiley:

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You are right. Just tested this issue in WhatsApp on the Pie build and the error is still causing the app to crash. Hardly use WhatsApp but all the same a bug is a bug. Thanks for raising it in gitlab.

I ran into this problem. Did it get fixed and is it a recurring issue?

When someone else shares their location, WA crashes in individual chats and group ones for me. I don’t use the feature, but I obviously can’t stop others sharing, so it’s a pickle.

This issue could have something to do with the tight integration of apps with the google infra. These features will never work perfectly in the MicroG world of /e/. We have raised a bug here which will be assigned to Marvin the MicroG creator. The issue has a list of similar apps that have issues working on /e/.