Whatsapp News, time to leave

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… and join Facebook.</end irony>

Here is a discussion about alternatives

When a service provided by a for-profit enterprise is “free”, you are the product.

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Thanks for the link. After this article, some important changes happened. For example, there is now https://element.io instead of riot.im because the latter was a really a problematic name.

This was the last straw for me. I want to share how I prepared my WhatsApp exit.

I use Signal and Threema with some close friends and family members already, but I still have too many contacts in WhatsApp.

But the headlines today were too much. I was thinking about how a “life before WhatsApp” was possible.
WhatsApp is convenient for sure, but that’s it. I thought about the quality of dialogues we have in instant messaging. And I think it’s quite low. I’d rather call or mail the people I care about twice a year.

Also, people that communicate with me via WhatsApp have my phone number saved anyway. They should be able to reach me if they care. Like we were able to communicate before the smartphone era.

I prepared a message and sent it to all my important friends. I wrote how I was about to leave WhatsApp because I just can’t accept it anymore and that we as the consumer have to carefully choose which companies we should support. That I don’t want to be the product that brings fortune to a company thanks to my personal data.

I wrote that I’d be happy if we could stay in touch after I left WhatsApp. The message included my Mail, a link to my LinkedIn Profile and the information that I can be reached via Signal, Threema and Telegram. Or calls and text.

I’ve sent this via the individual WhatsApp chats, so people have this information at hand when they try to reach me.

One friend told me he won’t install another app and we can message via text. Two others created a Telegram Account and one wrote an E-mail. Most didn’t react at all and I can accept that, knowing they have everything at hand now to reach me if they want.

I also updated my WhatsApo status to say that I can be reached by mail or other messaging apps.

I also logged in into my Facebook Account, to finally delete it after 3 years of inactivity. Same with Instagram. After de-googling it’s time to de-facebook.

I know for sure it’s not that easy for everyone, but I never was a heavy user I guess. Also parts of my family already had Telegram and Signal Accounts.


Thanks for sharing this post. I really appreciate the gesture of your friends who were willing to switch to a different app. Kicking their ‘whatsapp addiction’ will be tough for most users.


Today I created a story in my WhatsApp (as long as I still have access - my exit is prepared for the next days) to inform what the new TOS mean for you as users.

It’s different slides with a summary of the changes, short descriptions of Signal, Telegram and Threema and a word how we customers have change in our hand.

This made more of my contacts try other messengers (just two or three for now, but it’s just been online for like 2h) . Maybe you, my /e/ friends, could do the same. I like the idea of using the “momentum” to talk about it.

Btw, Telegram and Signal report the highest download rates since ever. They currently have more downloads a day than the had before within a week. Maybe we can make use of this.

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Yes even prior to this news & the Elon tweet I had decided enough was enough and sent a short message to my friends, saying hi checking and afterwards

Also I’m deleting Whatsapp shortly but you can find me on Signal or just by SMS in future, same number :slight_smile:

If they asked why I sent the image of data collection comparison between Signal vs iMessage vs Whatsapp vs Facebook & a Wired article on how horrifying data collection is.

Surprisingly I got about ~10 people to find me on Signal which was really nice and all my family have made the switch too now, so I’m really satisfied to have deleted it



No, you are the carcass left behind.

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Poetically true. If you don’t mind I’m gonna steal that! :wink:

You’re welcome !! I’ve stolen it as well. From the Prof. Zuboff’s book, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Age_of_Surveillance_Capitalism.

Time to go to Deltachat maybe…

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