Where are the e servers located?

Hello everybody,

does somebody know where the e servers are located? I hope not in america, because of the fact that they have to give information to NSA or some other company.

Thanks and kind regards julius


Hi @JJoerg the e servers are in France. Irrespective of where they are located, please be assured that if such government restrictions are being enforced we will inform our users of the same.


I have just joined, eagerly following all developments of /e/. This was a question I also had in mind. It is comforting to see verification of hopefully everything being based in Europe, if not in France. IFF any of e’s services were outside our continent, I would be hesitant in making the complete move to /e/. I might as well stay with the devil I know!

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It’s a long article. Where is the funny part?

The “fun” part is quite easy to find. France is part of the “nine eyes”, so there’s not that much of a difference between the US and France in terms of privacy.

The existence of the Nine Eyes alliance is referenced in various sources online and became well-known following the Snowden revelations in 2013. It is just an extension of the Five Eyes alliance with similar cooperation to collect and share mass surveillance data.

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Hi @Manoj,
I think this information shall be mentionned in the FAQ. Eventually the providers name (that can be found on Gael Twitter).

You seem to have a DNS issue here: e.foundation is at

There are servers in quite a few different places, depending on wether they are used for compilation, website, community, gitlab…

They are all in the EU, hosted at OVH, Scaleway and Hetzner, or lent by companies such as Webaxys and Nexedi.

The main website is at scaleway. As it’s using Wordpress, it propably still has some links to 3rd party content providers / CDNs. It’s a shame but unless we switch to another CMS, we don’t have the resource to fork and maintain all the wordpress source code and the plugins that are used, and unfortunately, wordpress developers don’t seem to do any effort to provide an option to disable all thse options.