Where can I get /e/ logos and icons?

Good morning or good night,

Where can I get /e/ logos and icons?

It’s for making things, like wallpapers.

Thank you.

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Media toolkit should be the answer, but it isn’t available for now :frowning: https://e.foundation/media-inquiries/


Would be interested as well, i used the logo from the community in bad resolution and the one i made myself i couldnt find anymore… :confused:

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You are right there were some errors in the media tool kit and it is being renewed / updated. I will check if we can make some of the icons and logos available.


If I remember well /e/ will be soon rebranded. Have a more non-geek friendly name. Am I right?

Yes you are but hopefully with this rebranding the CI and logo stay the same a break in there is never good for consistency

I think so. That is what it says in the Roadmap
Although it is not clear when that is the case. Probably when V1 is published :man_shrugging: