Where is located the ecloud datacenter?

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I believe it’s in France. There was some moving of servers occurring recently, some searching may reveal more =)

edit: This post says the datacenter is in Sweden. So France will be old information.

I am using the flagfox-addon with firefox.

Flagfox tells me, that this messageboard here is hosted in the netherlands.

When I go to ecloud.global, flagfox says that that website is hosted in Germany at Hetzner’s datacenter. (which doesn’t necessarily mean that all data is stored there. But I have a Hetzner-account myself, it’s very affordable… so not unlikely). Hetzner has datacenters in germany and other countries in northern Europe I think, not sure anymore.

Also in Finland.
But a load-balancer may give false information, depending on geoclustering.

@project /e/ foundation: can someone from the project team answer this question about the server locations?

Check Gaël’s response here


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Moto Magazine #370, octobre 2020 (about anti-theft gps-devices)

Biker says:
‘All this to find out where my bike is.’

‘It does’nt seem very good for a warming planet. But hey… maybe I’m wrong…’


No cloud-sync :rage: Few data and local storage !!!


@trefix; very true :thinking:

local device-to-device sync can be very satisfying. That’s what I do with photos and files (using syncthing or resilio sync). For calendar, contacts and notes I think I couldn’t do without cloud sync, otherwise I’d need the devices running all the time, that wouldn’t save much, I think. Iam thankful I can do that through /e/.

txt or vcf files (calendar, contacts) ‘weight’ very few (ko), picts and videos use an enormous amount of storage (Go). Does everybody really need to access all his picts 7/24?

Cloud isn’t ‘evil’ by itself, it depends about how everyone use it. GAFAM ‘full permanent syncing’ IS a problem… Like domestic waste, data piled up far away disappears from daily concerns. And the ‘mountain’ is growing fast, out of control.

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I do… lost a few pics, but still ‘No gg, no cloud’ :wink:

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Do you use wind & hydropower energy to refill your phone’s battery ?
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Unfortunately, Mitterrand had chosen nuclear power…

But I ride my bicycle as much as possible :wink: