Where is password reset for e.email

I have lost the password to my e.email account. I tried a reset but was directed to the Murena login. I tried a password reset but it seems to have set a password for this forum.

Where is password reset for e.email? It is linked to a personal email account I have (not “e”).

One problem I have is that most email account I never chose to “remember password” (app doing it for me) this way I have to sign in with password every time I use the account. But guess what I always remember the password…

Can I do this with e.email on my device, I guess under manual setup?

Most importantly I need to reset my e.email password. Anyone who reads this please post a link or direct me to the correct place if you know please :slight_smile:

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There is a reset password option here if that is not helping you can contact helpdesk@e.email
Pl do not share any personal details on the forum as it can be viewed by all.

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The link to “Forgot password?” does not work, when I hover mouse over top it does not allow a link to click on (link is dead or inactive).

I am running latest Firefox 101.0 and am not running in private mode.

Posting for information. I will contact helpdesk tomorrow.

Thanks Manoj… if you are one person… you work very hard, sincere thanks :smiley:

I see this when I click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link. Anyway, since you will be contacting the helpdesk@e.email the team should be able to help you.


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I was able to fix it using Microsoft Edge (yuk). I am unable to see the link in Firefox.

Maybe someone else can look to if is working in Fixefox. If it is for you, post and maybe I have to reset browser or maybe it does not work with Firefox?

Working fine with Waterfox and LibreWolf.

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