Where is the downloaded zip for an update with TWRP?

I’ve installed /e/ on a Samsung S4 a few days ago and I see there are some updates. I’ve downloaded and started to install the update, but when the TWRP opens, I don’t know what to do. I try install, but it seems the sytem is waiting for me to give the location of the downloaded zip or image and I don’t know where it is supposed to be…
Maybe it’s a stupid question but I’m not at ease with android, since I’m a windows 10 mobile user and I was waiting for /e/ to start adopting android without google devices.

TWRP should install the update automatically and reboot afterwards (that is what is does on my LeEco with /e/ v0.1 Nougat).
The TWRP installation process is indicated by a progress bar that fills up:

Does the progress bar fill up for you?

You can verify if there are any updates available and see the currently installed version number of the OS in
Settings → About Phone → System updates

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/data/lineage_updates is the folder witch contains the zip files


Thanks Markus, but it’s not automatic on the S4

Thanks a loy Harvey. It works fine !

I was wondering, if an update deletes all data on the phone? or will apps and photos remain?

hi @ketchupok an OTA update does not delete data on the phone like apps and photos. There could be exceptions in case an app has been removed from a build or there are changes in /e/ server settings but this information is announced to all before the build rolls out. Are you experiencing any deletion of data after an update?

I haven’t started the update yet, because on Xiaomi Mix 2 I also end up in the TWRP screen, and wasn’t sure if after clicking on “install” and selecting the .zip file it says: “Swipe to confirm flash” and flashing sounds to me like all old data might be gone…

But would this be the way to go? Click on “Install” and select the .zip? or click on “Restore”

I installed it using the “Install” option in TWRP and by manually selecting the .zip file in “/data/lineage_updates/” as mentioned above. It all worked fine! All my data and custom settings on the phone remained unchanged after the update.

Thanks @Manoj for your support!

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Thanks for the update @ketchupok