Which Android version is /e/ OS based on?

Looking forward to purchasing a Murena the.moment it becomes available in the US.

But I do have a question -. What degoogled version of Android does this ship with? Is there some place that references which version of /e/ lines.up.with the version of Android it’s based on?

Thank you!

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The version of /e/ can reference different android version - this depends on the device.

The android reference is explained here: About /e/.
So in order to identify the Android version of a device, you would have to take a look at the devices page and view the name of the device-image.
For example for the Sony Xperia XZ2C the image name is as of today “e-0.19-r-20211219152512-dev-xz2c.zip”, which means that the android version is 11, because of the “r” in the image name.