Which apps run on /e/

I am considering to buy a de googeled fairphone.

  1. How can I gain an overview which apps do /do not run on /e/? I remember there was a list somewhere on this platform, which I cannot find anymore.

  2. In particular I would like to know if the following apps would work:

  • German Covid warn app
  • payment systems for electric cars like mobility+, ecotap, TankE-Netzwerk
  • videoconferencing via Jitsi meet, zoom, …

Thanks for any information or support!!

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  1. I think you mean this Editable List of Apps that work or do not work with microG

  2. Base Android wise, most apps would work. The problem is within the extra stuff, Google ads onto this, called Google Play Services. The more apps rely on it, the less probable it is, that they will work with /e/. An open source project called microG is trying to provide replacement, but certain things (like payment services) are very complicated to do and therefore are impossible on /e/.
    This brings me to your specific questions:
    Covid warn app will work. But because of distrust of a subgroup of /e/ users, you have to install an update providing this functionality (search in Apps for microG), it is not included by default.
    I don’t use e mobility payment apps, but I would suppose these apps are reliant on Google stuff. If they use Google for payments, there is no chance they will work. If they wok via credit card or whatnot, it could be possible.
    Jitsi is opensource and will work like a charm. Zoom I don’t know. The point of having a privacy friendly OS is to not load it with privacy unfriendly apps ;). But a the cost of convenience, you can always use the browser.

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You can use the /e/ Application Checker to find out which applications are available in /e/'s Apps. But there is also f-droid and aurora store to install any other app. I now use /e/ for a couple of months without any problems. Only my banking app from Austria is not working, the rest works like a charm.