Which Tablet best for /e/OS?

I’m using /e/ on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10 inch version) and it works just fine. I don’t know why “messages” app hasn’t been removed since it’s not a phone. Other than that I’m happy. Anything special you’d like to know?

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Something I forgot to mention : Bliss Launcher is not suitable for 10" tablets.
I installed Shade Launcher, very happy with it.

I’am happy with the Bliss Launcher as well on my 7" Nexus… :slight_smile:

I bought a Google Nexus 7 (LTE) 32GB tablet on the used market for 40 €. Then I flashed the tablet with @Anonyme Costum Rom. Many THX for it !!! :wink:

Here is link to the corresponding thread:


Thanks for your feedback about Bliss, I corrected my post (screen size).

Happy you found a device that meets your needs :smiley:
Wow, this one is really affordable !

Interesting …
And very affordable, as @smu44 said…

Can it work as phone?
I am wondering if it could be possible to have something like that compact tablet for SMS and messaging apps, and a dumb phone for calls (with the same phone number :slight_smile: ). Any idea? Thank you in advance

I don’t know if it work as Phone (Phonecalls). My LTE Data Card connects only with Datamodus, not with Callpermissions. I do not try Threma or Signal yet, but why they may not working. Signal uses a Phonenumber for verification, Threema not. But you can register Signal on the Tablet and verify it over the Phonenumber of your Smartphone when verification SMS recives.
WiFi & LTE (4G) are working very good. SMS are working, i tested it a few moments before writing this Message.
best regards

Thank you @anon48570964 for your feedback

@smu44 thanks a lot for this tip! I just bought a 2nd hand Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 (€100) and installed /e/OS without any problem. All seems to work very nice.


[LIST] /e/OS Supported Tablets

I have 2 tablet with e OS now installed since over 6 month.
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e LTE.
My experience for both devices is that they are now stable to use (The S6 had audio issues but this is now fixed) tough e OS release is not stated as stable
Personally I would prefer and suggest the S5e as the better device due to the better display and its also lighter and more handy than the S6 lite

Thank you @ronnz98 for sharing it.
Has the Tab S5e LTE phone capabilities? I mean, send and receive calls / SMS?

Thank you in advance

sure since its has LTE capabilities and you can use a SIM card

Thank you @ronnz98 .
I was just wondering if those feature were enabled even with e/OS/ …

Have a good day

yes. SMS and calls works on the Samsung S5e Tab

Thank you@ ronnz98.

Have a good day

Now I got a Samsung Tab 6 lite (wifi). That Tabet work amazing for me and for my conditions. The LTE version of the tablet seems to be supportet with one of the next eOS Versions…

I love the SPen working smooth for my Inkredible App… :smile:
best regards


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Thank you everybody for your feedback about /e/OS tablets.

I was wondering about 2 topics:

  1. how are the users managed in the tablets? My wish was to have a admin / user mode, but based on my experience ( see [FEATURE PROPOSAL] Child safety features in /e/ - some thoughts - #50 by sonyxa2) I could not have it on my mobile. Although it is fair to say that it seems a different story for other users … perhaps it has changed with the /e/OS version / device?
  2. Are characters suitable for poor eyesighted? In other words, can it be usable without glasses? I understand that it subjective, but I have seen that sometimes you can make the characters of the interface bigger, but then menus becomes unreadible, because too cramped … so I would like to understand if the feature is implemented correctly, and it is possible to really use it

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Hey Stefan, I have an S6 lite and would love to have /e/OS on it. Is it easy to install? Do apps like Painter and the calligraphy recognition work fine with it?

Hi there,
the install was for me at 1. Point tricky (after i install the recovery…). But at the community board there are enough documentation to move succsessful the installation. Make sure, that your power are at 100%, before you start installation!!!
I don’t know your apps, i use inredible pro with my SPen, because i need it at my work. With V1.0 it works very smooth for me. I hope, i have give you enough answers…



Is there any other 8" tablet except the Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab (713) or any plans to support 8" tablets in the future?