Who is the Xiaomi Mido /e/ developer? (just curiosity)

I have a question (just curiosity). Is the /e/ Xiaomi Mido developer an Austrian? I think he is, probably.

Could you be specific who are you referring to from the team? We do not have developers specific for devices at least not as yet :slight_smile:

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why are you asking ? Do you talking about the nougat or the oreo version ? I have build a personal oreo version for me which have tried some people. Are you talking about that version ?
And why it is interessting for you where the developer is from ?

By the way, I’m a earth citizen :wink:

Why did someone integrate the telephone number search access of the website https://auskunft.at into Xiaomi Mido (and maybe other phones)? You can search for people by searching in the phone app (not in the contact app)… just curiosity, it’s funny! :grin:

Nice catch. Please raise this as a bug in Gitlab https://gitlab.e.foundation/groups/e/-/issues .Have reported this issue to the developers.

I think that’s comming from LineageOS not from e

Well, this isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact. and it’s easy to know, just ask the /e/ team… let’s wait for the answer…

This issue with reverse lookup should be resolved in next builds.

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it has remained but isn’t a problem because you just have to disable it. thank you