Why after system reboot Net Monitor app shows connection to " server-13-35-126-123.sfo5.r.cloudfront.net "?

Just curious why and who is this connection: server-13-35-126-123.sfo5.r.cloudfront.net

Device: Pixel “Sailfish”

Thank you for your kind assistance

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What apps do you have installed ? Any one via aurora ?

What is aurora? is it a app store/site?

You have search engines at your disposal. Cloudfront is Amazon storage. You’ll have to figure out what app or function uses their services.

This /e/ OS does seem to attract some less-than-super-techie folk (which I thought was one of this project’s goals).

I am only moderately techie, I apologize.

Thank you for your kindness and information.

Oh no. I didn’t know either. I searched for cloudfront. Then I pasted that server address for any extra info if there was any.
No techie here.

However, if you have a terminal on your phone you can use a command called netstat that might show something. Even a more user friendly app that does similar.

Thanks again for you help. I think I found which app…

By the way: Aurora is an Appwith which you can download apps from PlayStore Anonymus. You can download Aurora from F-droid. F-droid is a AppsStore for free Apps which doesn’t have trackers. F-droid you can downlad fom Website

And when you have f-droid installed, you can download ClassyShark App. With ClassyShark you can check all your app for trackers.

Thank you for all the kind information. Nice to know.

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