Why did /e/ replace my TWRP without my knowledge?

I don’t know much about Android. I had TWRP installed and working well. After some time of having /e/ it’s been replaced with an /e/ recovery. I want TWRP recovery. I don’t like things happening on my devices that I don’t specifically do myself. How do I turn off updates and hidden things happening? Do I have to reinstall everything to get back to TWRP? What do I do to keep TWRP without getting overwritten?

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e-recovery ??? What should that be ?? Never heard about an e-recovery. Could you pls share a screenshot of this e-recovery ?


Do you talking about this recovery ?

Than you have an a/b device and it’s needed for further OTA updates

I just posted a feature request about this. I think they should use TWRP. This recovery has very limited functionality.

Ok, that’s good. …

Yes, that’s what replaced my TWRP. I realize now that it’s LineageOS recovery. Still I had a working TWRP and it was overwritten without my consent. I hope that this is a case that I didn’t correctly answer the question about read only that TWRP posed to me. I just re-installed TWRP and saw that it gave me a choice upon installing to modify the system so stock ROMs wouldn’t overwrite it. If I have to battle /e/ updates about keeping TWRP then I don’t want it. Can someone clarify if this is inevitable with /e/, or if by allowing TWRP to modify the system it won’t happen again?

I want updates to be only when I manually do them. Will /e/ try to update by itself? I think under developer options I’ve turned auto updates off. Is there a setting about auto updates somewhere else?

Under ‘system’ / ‘updater’ use the 3 dots on upper right corner and change ‘auto update’ to ‘never’ and you will get no updates.
But normally you will.always ask before the update will done, so you can stop it.

On my /e/ Nougat setups there are no auto updates of any sort that I’ve encountered… I get update notifications (Auto updates check: ON) but that’s it. Updates don’t happen unless I allow it. Because of the TWRP issue I don’t do OTAs. Update manually when necessary (significant changes). Never seen that Lineage recovery before. From what I’ve seen in another thread I think it’s something added in newer Androids (Pie?).

EDIT: Forgot to mention. On my A/B device (Essential PH-1) I made the mistake of doing an OTA early on and losing TWRP. So I always download and flash updates manually immediately followed by flashing TWRP. Reboot back into TWRP (slot change) and then flash anything else like root, Xposed, and whatnot (addon.d backups don’t work on that device).
On my Axon 7 where I multiboot I definitely don’t/can’t do OTAs lest I bork the whole system.

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A so-called /e/ recovery doesn’t exist. TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) is the preferred custom recovery for /OS ROMs.

The LineageOS recovery is available for various devices and is offered in conjunction with LOS 16.0 builds. For each LOS 16.0 update, there is also the matching lineage-16.0-recovery.img of the same date.

There is no automatic installation, it must be explicitly flashed manually by the user. The only responsible person is the executing user.

I’ve looked at the “LineageOS recovery” and I’m disappointed with what the LOS Build Team has created. Do a great job otherwise. The ease of use isn’t comparable to WinTeam TWRP Touch GUI.

The title “Why did /e/ replace my TWRP without my knowledge?” is a false representation and discredits /e/

Please change the title

May I ask, why the title is wrong, apart from “e” instead of Lineage? It happened to me as well. I updated /e/ and TWRP, which I installed manually after flashin /e/ was automatically replaced by the Lineage recovery. I assume it’s because I use a Fairphone 3, where Lineage recovery appears to be part of the /e/ rom. But I am not entirely sure.

I have no intention of discrediting /e/, I am just stating what happend on my device.

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