Why is version 0.23 twice in the update list?


I am using GS290. Why is os version 0.23 twice in the update list? One with date 1. April and one with date 11. May.
See the picture.

Which one should I install? Or should I install both?

On my freshly flashed smartphone with /e/OS recently came the message that it is sufficient to install only the latest update. To be on the safe side, you can also install all updates one after the other (in the correct order, from the oldest to the newest update). But I think, it’s enough to install the newest update.

There were a few re-releases of 0.23 (maybe different for different devices, idk)

There is no need to install them sequentially, just install the latest.

I think there were two versions of 23.
One 0.23 and soon after it was 0.23.1,
So install latest.