Wifi not working

It sounds as if you were trying to install Official TWRP App - this actually does a quite different job from Recovery.

You can simply boot into Recovery mode, to see if you have TWRP. If you find that you have /e/ Recovery, perhaps see if the process still looks intuitive with the information you have.

The process is covered in this tutorial (the link aims to drop you in at (8) Install /e/ without computer from your device, with TWRP using the SDcard method > sub section B) Transfer the /e/ ROM to the internal storage of the smartphone

As usual, please backup all your data first. Any problems please ask again.

Yes I was trying to use the Official TWRP App…
I’ll try you advice today.
Thanks you!

You might also review whether your issue is related to the newly reported GS290: after installing /e/OS, BT and WiFi do not work.

Cross reference Post #77 Documentation Suggestions GS290


I had the same problem with Wifi not reconnecting and followed hints above: Wifi not working - #6 by Didi_6763

But now after reboot the WIFi is not possible to even enable.
what can I do to fix this?


Hi Handango,

you could try to download and flash one of the stock boot.img files from my link a few enties above.

Best Regards…


I used the stock ones from your link: https://ecloud.global/s/qWdNsBQEFRJrgJd and followed your steps in Wifi not working - #6 by Didi_6763

I tried both boot.img in the folder of the link. both did not work .
I have a Gs290 directly bought from EFoundation - could I perhaps revert to the default EOs boot.img?

Hi Didi, I’ve just install /e/ with the easy installer and have no wifi or bluetooth, could you help me? or point me to an easy solution? Thank you