Wifi proxy not picked up by Apps


Using e-0.16-q-20210415110657-dev-h850 (on LG G5 H850), recently installed by adb-sideloading, I’m trying to connect to Internet through Wifi served by a home server having a proxy (privoxy, with default settings).
So I have configured the proxy IP and port in the wifi settings. The phone gets an IP without issue when it is connected via this wifi connection.

The problem is that many applications are not picking up the internet connection by default, especially the “Apps” store application, the Bromite, the Maps (magicearth)

Bromite can connect to the Internet only if the proxy settings are manually reentered in the Bromite settings.
The Maps can download new map files but that’s all it would do.
Also, it seems there is no manual proxy settings available for Apps and Maps.

I could install F-Droid and Fdroid was able to get the internet connection only if the proxy settings are manually reentered in the fdroid settings.
I installed the Aurora store through Fdroid and same problem as the default “Apps” store.

Using another Android phone with stock rom (Android 9) on this wifi connection, the play store and browser work with no issue and I don’t need to manually reenter the proxy settings in each app.

Would there be some other settings to activate within /e/ to have the proxy settings propagate to each app ?

Thanks for your clues,

issue is solved with e-0.16-q-20210424112062-dev-h850.zip : the internet connection works transparently with the wifi proxy settings in this release.