Will there be an OTA update to Android Q from 0.12-2020102981459?

Hello community,

well im highly confused about the question if there will be an OTA update from Android 9 (speak /e/OS 0.12) to Android 10.

Can anyone give me a Yes or No about it?

Greetings & thanks in advance!

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The best answer is here I’d say:

It’s not a simple “yes” or “no”. More a “no, not now” or a “yes, but …”.


No. It is not possible at the moment to upgrade the OS through an OTA build on /e/OS.
Reasons as mentioned in the previous post are the Updater code needs modifications.
Are we working on this modification - Yes.
It there an ETA for this modification - Not at the moment.


Thanks for clarification!

I really hope you can fix that issue.

Hi all,

OTA to Android 10 is currently not possible. Ok, understand.

You asked for an update from 0.12…

Little off-topic, but question fits here I hope:
My Fairphone 3 (bought from /e/) is still on 0.11. And if I check manually for updates result is “no updates found”?

Seems not to be the current Android 9 version? With even less hope for an later OTA to 10…?!

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Can be, as you are on the stable release channel …

I don’t know whether they are rolling out 0.13 to the stable release channel already.


Great, thank you for information.

I didn’t know about this. You gave me the right search words: I found out that test, dev and stable channels exist. So v0.11 is as latest stable version correct for my Fairphone.

Now I can wait and hope patiently for the big Android 10 OTA update.

Isn’t the new OTA update on dev branch an update to Q (most likely to 0.13, unfortunately I can’t see the Version number befor downloading)? Will this delete data? Or are these two separate updates: to 0.13 Pie and Q? (I use a FP3)

Yes. Both android versions receive the update to 0.13. But still one is pie and one is q.

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Do you have an estimation wheather it will be in the range of days, weeks or months?


Is it now possible to update from pie to q OTA ?

Not yet.
You can follow proceedings here … Topics tagged development-updates


There is an update on this in the 1.0 release notes:

Upcoming OS OTA upgrades

  • Samsung s8 /s8+
    • ETA Sep end :crossed_fingers:
  • FP3
    • ETA not available

Does anyone know more about the plan?