Will there be automatic update to pie for tissot?

I found it hard to implement the instructions to upgrade my Xiaomi Mi A1, it did not work and I am afraid to brick the phone.
I hope there will be an automatic update soon.

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There is no upgrade currently available for tissot. It’s already on Pie (last version available with /e/ for now).

What do you want to do ? Update it ? In this case, an OTA update should be available, and the last version is from 2020/06/25.

I have actually the same question. I would like to upgrade my Mi A1 from Tissot to Pie and, since I am not very skilled with smartphones, I was waiting for an uptomated upgraded as I understood from here.

Am I understanding right that it will be an automated updated from Tissot to Pie at some point? Please, can anybody confirm me if I am right or if I have to upgrade my OS manually? Thank you!

The Pie build for tissot is already available and users will have to flash the upgrade build manually the first time. Subsequent Pie updates would come in OTA.

Thank you for the reply!