Windons phone launcher


I am looking for a windows phone launcher.
I had launcher 10 pay version from the playstore but that launcher works not on e./ store or aurora store.

I hope you can help my

Greeting JdV

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I used Square Home 2 for a while some years back when I came to Android.
(Play Store link for reference)


Did you try to logon to Aurora using the same Google Account that was used to buy the Win10 Launcher application (since this is imho) a paid app…?!?

Yes i have try that but that dosnt whork😒

Yes i have try that.:unamused: but it dosnt work

Stupid question please: You look for THIS one: If so… I do find it via Aurora store. And I searched for it within the standard /e/ store and I do find it there as well?!?

Do we talk about the same app?

I mean Launcher 10. I haved the payd version. But that works not enymore even a login whyt my google account. Whyt tha auroa srore

I con a try square home 2.

I have the pay version and that works i have downloaded from the auroa store.

Understood. Thank you very much.

Ok. If I remember correctly the paid version is via Inapp-abo. Right? So you install the free of charge version and pay it via subscription within the free app?

In this case you are out of luck. This is due to MicroG does not support (and will not support) the needed APIs from Google Play Services since this would become a license violation against Google. I face the very same problem with my navigational app ‘Kurviger’. I can install the free of charge version but to receive the pro version I would need an Inn-app abonnement which does not work. :frowning:

I actually just recently switched back from /e/ to Windows 10 Mobile.
The problem wasn’t /e/OS (though–to be brutally honest–deGoogled Android is still Android, which I find to be a far inferior experience when compared to Windows 10 Mobile), the problem was with my phone’s hardware, which was a lemon to begin with.
Even though it is no longer supported, I am so much happier on Windows 10 Mobile. The user interface is better than Android and iOS and without a huge library of apps available to me, I find that I am able to focus more on what matters. I am not a slave to my device.
If my Window 10 Mobile becomes completely unusable I may consider going back to /e/OS

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So I agree with you windows phone is so much easier to use I haven’t Lumia 800 and later mc lumia 640,650 and now I have Lumia 535.

I have now a Windows launcher 10 on my Fairphone and it works really fine.

If. Microsoft make again lumia phone :thinking: than I will buy shan.

I am wondering that your windows phone is still working I thought it was offer whit windows phone.

Maby I turn on my lumia 535 and see what happened.

Microsoft is no longer offering support for Windows 10 Mobile, which means that if something goes wrong, Microsoft will not help you resolve the problem. That said, there had been a lot posted to support forums (be they run by Microsoft or run by third parties) about Windows 10 Mobile prior to support ending and most of these forum posts have not be taken down, so if you need to find information about how to resolve an issue, you can likely find it.
None of this means that devices running Windows 10 Mobile no longer work. There is some functionality that is cloud-based that has been stripped out. Examples include Cortana’s ability to respond to most voice commands (though, amazingly Cortana still responds to telephone and SMS commands over car Bluetooth) and Groove streaming from OneDrive. Otherwise, it works briliantly.