With @e.email email address I don't receive some emails


I have some issues in receiving emails in my xxx@e.email address.
I guess the problem is that some servers are not able to send emails to such addresses like mine (@e.email). But the fact is that I don’t receive important emails.

I guess that with a domain like @ecloud.org @e.org / .net / .com or something like that, that would be fixed… although it is not a /e/foundation problem, but other’s servers problem.


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I’ve wondered about that :frowning: been waiting on a couple emails. I figured maybe they typed them in wrong, but maybe not.

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I rather have the problem that emails I send from my e.email account do not arrive (or only after a longer time) at the “main providers” or end up in the spam filter.

I already suspected intentional filtering of an unpopular competitor behind this. Just as /e/ OS is difficult to find with the Google search engine. But this may also be due to general algorithms…

I tried to use my @e.email mail to register in some services. But I got the following message

email address is not valid


wrong email format.

Unfortunately, some servers are not able to work with ‘strange’ email addresses. They only work with .com .org .net .es .fr .cat (and so on) domains.

Anyway, this only happened twice or three times.

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I experienced the same problem.

Same problem several times.
I reported it to my bank and they fixed that rapidly.
I think we should ask each time… And the “.email” provider should do it globally ! Probably nothing to do with /e/


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