WIZZAIR application crashs on start

Hi. I’ve installed wizzair application, and whenever I start it, after loading it disappears (crashing?). Also, sometimes OS reports about this app, that it keeps stopping. Is there any way to debug, what’s causing this? or may be some ideas?

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Testing on crDroid with microG the app crashes as you describe. Logs show a SecurityException of some sort. Nothing directly related to Google in the crash dump but I’m inclined to believe it needs a fully Google setup. It has a large number of big G trackers and the feature set of the app more than likely requires more than what microG provides.
Or maybe just being on an unlocked device may be an issue.

At this point though I am not sure.

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Thank you, for your help. From your experience is it possible to workaround such problems with exposed framework by hiding unlock?

I’ll try to show this report to developers of application anyway.

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