Wrong link to Drive on Spot

When I click on “Drive” in Spot, it directs me to https://murena.io:8080/apps/files/ instead of https://murena.io/apps/files.
It looks like a bug.

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you can edit your post title to include the “murenacloud” tag - maybe that’s read by operators. Send a mail to helpdesk@murena.io or join one of the telegram channels of /e/ as this is a redirection bug

The issue is with the trailing slash

~$ curl -s -X GET -I https://murena.io/apps/files | grep ^location
location: http://murena.io:8080/apps/files/
~$ curl -s -X GET -I https://murena.io/apps/files/ | head -n2
HTTP/1.1 ..

cc: @arnauvp

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thank you, this is indeed a bug! I ping when fixed.

This is fixed in the last update of Spot. Meanwhile we look at the trailing slash issue.