XA2 ultra (H4213) support?

Maybe a look at my badges will help you out

hmm… ok, maby i’ll try it.
Can i sideload it together with magisk, or are there any known problems relating that?

I do not own the device, but when you backup your device it might try it. For myself I never root my devices

wiped data
sideloaded the zip
and have LOS 17.1 now… whhaaatt?? :smiley:

e-0.13-Q…Q means android 10.
Enjoy :blush:

but this is not e OS, this is LineageOS :wink:
LOS 17.1 is in the official repos on the site, but i’m searching for e.
So whats the point?

This is the first time that happened to me :joy:
I’ll remove this build and cook another one tomorrow…strange…

i don’t know if it was any problem of my phone, but i went to recovery, wiped data and then sideloaded the e.zip :smiley:

i can try it again, pity that… tomorrow i must leave my win machine to do it… with qubes OS is adb rather tricky :smiley:

the strange thing is… i tried to install LOS 18.1 from xda-developers, but its also 17.1.
how can it be?? So maby its a problem of my phone??

so i think its a strange problem of sideload

OOOOK!! So it was the problem of ther internal recovery and somehow “faked” sideload.

installed TWRP now
wiped and formated everything
and sideloaded it that way (not via internal recovery) with magisk.
everything ok, i’m in E OS
Thanks a lot, will try it now!

By the way… there is well known failure by 47% of installing. It can be just ignored. Has to do with google standards. The installation will be ok.

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by the way… do i get the updates via the system or how is it with such a build?

and as it seems, the sideload of magisk doesnt work if you install it together with the e OS.
Just boot into system, than into recovery again, sideload the twrp via adb again, reboot into recovery, sideload the magisk via twrp and you have the root.

Unofficial builds dont have OTA’s, only dev-builds(official).
But there is a good chance this device is gonna be official because it is supported by LineageOS. Until than, i can build updates…
Tnx for testing…

ok, so as i understood… thanks!

Great this device is getting some love. Any updates?
Any chance to get it official?