Xiaomi Mi 9 - Request for /e/ OS

would it be possible also add the Xiaomi Mi 9 to the supported smartphones?
I tried shortly you os on my old HTC 10 and wanna give it now a try on my daily used smartphone.

Thank you and best regards.

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Not officially supported by LOS, but source tree for LOS 18.1 is available : GitHub - LineageOS/android_device_xiaomi_cepheus
Will have to wait for /e/ to build with Android R …

Hello smu44,
thank you for your answer. That is good to know. Then I will wait and see what the future brings.

You could try one of my unofficial builds.

Backup first to be safe


Hi @itsclarence ,

thank you for your reply. That sounds great. Can I find further information about this build somewhere and experiences about its use? Because it is my daily phone I need it working because of banking and so on…

So far I found only this thread https://community.e.foundation/t/unofficial-build-xiaomi-mi-9-cepheus-eos-q-build/23721/12

For Xiaomi Mi 9T (davinci) there is always a /e/OS Q-10. For Mi 9 (cepheus), there is an excellent current custom ROM based on LineageOS 19.1 with microG, but still no /e/OS.However, the current /e/OS GSI V1.3 works very well on the Xiaomi Mi 9. phhusson Pierre-Hugues Husson also successfully installed a GSI based on AOSP 9.0 and 10-Q over two years ago.

In e.foundation /e/ GSI V1.3 he is still acknowledged accordingly - - see screenshot.

There are some specific repos for cephus @ GH:

Let’s try to involve their mainteiner(s) !

This isn’t news to me. My Xiaomi Mi 9 runs great with a continuously maintained LOS 19.1 with microG and Android security patches 2022. There is just no current /e/OS ROM.

Yes, do it now!
Why don’t you use your knowledge and build /e/OS custom ROMs yourself?


I will when a colab notebook will be available for build :wink:

@forart.it, still I don’t understand how your project (colab)notebook will work, but I’m interested in trying it out to build /e/OS custom ROM.

@Gianna It’s not a project, just an idea…

…how SHOULD work ?

Well, every colab notebook is a virtual machine - hosted by Google servers - that can be configured (and of course also interact with end users) to perform different tasks.
For example to build a custom rom:

It would be great to have a device-agnostic one to let applicants (that of course must input sources links) easily produce a build.

Oh yes, that would be fantastic. But - building on Google servers - that’s out of the question for me.

Well, I heard that there are other services that can provide this kind of service…

…an official \e\ foundation build server would be the best, of course.