Xiaomi Mi A1: Install experience

Hi, I have the opportunity to buy a second hand Mi A1 with Pie or a refurbished Mi A1 (I guess it comes with Nougat?). What do you think would be the best thing to do, buy the one with Pie and wait for the Pie /e/ version to be released in order to avoid problems, or buy the one with Nougat, update it to Oreo and the install /e/? Is it even possible to update it from Nougat to justo to Oreo, without having to jump automatically to Pie?

The pi/e/ build for tissot or MiA1 may take a couple of months I guess. We just started the code base upgrade for Pie. The MiA1 stock ROM is nougat.The way I went was my stock nougat build I upgraded to stock Oreo version 9.6.4 and then came to /e/. The reason why the stock oreo version was old is because there were certain firmware upgrades made to the later versions of Oreo which made the switch to /e/ difficult for some users.

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Thanks @Manoj So if I understand correctly, the safest thing would be to update from Nougat to max. Oreo . 9.6.4 and from there install /e/. I guess I’ll have to flash this 9.6.4 version, as I supposed that the phone (in the settings menu) won’t let me choose which Oreo version I want to update, right? By the way, anyone was succesfull in downgradin from Pie to Oreo? (because of the supposedly anti-rollback system…)

You are right . The system will directly pick up the latest updates and you will eventually end up with Pie. Which will be a problem to roll back. Not sure if LOS 16.0 also works is you come from Stock Pie on MiA1.

Ok, thanks. Do you know where I can find the 9.6.4 oreo version to flash it? And if I get a phone with Oreo, (for example Oreo 8.1) there’s no problem to flash an older Oreo version (ex. 8.0) right?

You can get the stock ROM’s for MiA1 here. Older versions should also be ok.

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Thanks @Manoj. Unfortunately, the refurbished one as well as all second hand mi a1 have already updated to Pie, so I 'll have to leave the flashing for later, when /e/ develops Pie, so I can flash it from a Mi A1 with pie without major issues.

Guess you are right to wait @graz. The chances of messing up the revert to previous versions are too great. Hold on for a couple of months the Pi/e/ ROM for tissot should be out.


The Pi/e/ test build for tissot is available here

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