Xiaomi Mi8 - Android S (e-1.5.1-s dev build)

Hello there,

I just upgraded my Mi8 (dipper) to the build mentioned above (Mi8 - Dev Builds ). The Upgrade via adb went smoothly, but the first thing I saw that the Boot Animation is now the LineageOS Boot Animation. MicroG is still on Version The Standard eOS Launcher (Bliss) is also absent and is Trebuchet.

Will that be corrected? I was happy not to have to reset the whole Phone :smiley:

Edit: Avdanced Privacy etc. is also gone. It seems all eOS Enhancements in that Build are missing…

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

My dipper is on 1.5.1-s-20221103231515-dev: boot animation is still “e” / “your data is your data” and Advanced Privacy is here too, working well. (As attached)

Thank you for the Information… Maybe I’ll clean reflash the whole Phone…

About microG: “The microG v0.2.25.223616 update could not make it into v1.5 as the testing started before the release” (Manoj’s last post about the v.1.5)

After another flash with “e-1.5.1-s-20221103231515-dev-dipper.zip” the “eOS” Boot Logo is back, and the System behaves as I expected… Now to reorder Icons…

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There is no failure on the part of /e/, but the nature of your installation is causing the data mess.

You have simply ‘dirty flashed’ /e/OS ‘S’ on top of your original LineageOS - without ‘Factory reset / Format data’.

This upgarde variant can be used to upgrade from a LOS 18.1 to LOS 19.1, but not to reinstall another operating system like /e/OS-S.

I never said there was a Failure on the Side of /e/. Furthermore I upgraded from e-1.5-r … But now it seems back to normal…

This information indicates that LOS was installed and / or that /e/OS ‘R’ was simply installed over LineageOS.

nope. 1.5-r was a clean flash… But that is all done now…

@linuxdriver Great! Enjoy ur S dipper ; )

Did u have the “answer” button in your mails (with the native Mail app) on ur 1.5.1-s dippper?

Yes, I see the answer Button in the native E-Mail App.

Thanks! Now the “reply” icon is back after a clean install of the 1.6-s-rc ; )