Xiaomi Redmi k20 / Mi 9T

Hi Marco,
They are not the same device. Mi9T is called davinci whereas Mi9T Pro is called raphael. As far as I understand, until there is no Lineage OS official release available for Raphael (Mi9T Pro) you will not be able to have /e/ on it … Follow LineageOS to know when it will be available as may be it’s minor device edit …

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Thanks for the reply. i didn’t know lineage os. I will follow these projects hoping to find a suitable rom for my device

@croc It seems that @itsclarence made it for the pro as well !
androidfilehost dot com/?w=files&flid=321230

yes… and i’m already using it! :slight_smile:

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I hadn’t even seen this! Could you tell me how well this version works? Lot of issues or managable?

i used this rom for about two months. in my opinion it is still quite unstable

Thank you. Did you go back to MIUI or did you find something degoogled that was more stable?

unfortunately i came back to miui. other models are better supported

I use it everyday without problems ! 0.12 not 0.14 … What are your issues ?

Where do you get 0.12 for raphael?

I run Davinci not Raphael ! Topic is speaking about Davinci …

You are right, this topic is speaking about davinci. However, we are talking about the version you mention here:

I enquire to its stability and croc mentions it’s rather unstable. When you were saying it works without problems, I assumed you were aldo talking about raphael as well.

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How do I install efoundation on my Mi9T? I am using the microg lineage.

Hi @gera2024
You need to install new ROM

  1. Backup your data
  2. Download /e/OS build
  3. Install TWRP on your 9T and reboot on TWRP
  4. Wipe Dalvik/Art Cache/Cache and System
  5. Wipe data / internal storage
  6. Transfer build through usb : with TWRP phone is recognized as usb storage
  7. Install
  8. Wipe cache again
  9. reboot

Thanks. Is there already a rom with the most current stable version for the Mi9t?

@itsclarence built two releases :

androidfilehost . com/?w=files&flid=319023

Ok. Can you tell me if there is going to be an update? Does this version e-0.14-q-20201222-UNOFFICIAL-davinci.zip have any bugs? I already use microg on the crdroid rom. In efoundation also have support for microg? Thank

0.14 not working for me … I’m still in 0.12. A user told me that “changing the display size back to default and applying.” solves problems but never tried this 0.14 build again.

yes micro g is present

Yes. I tested 014 but it is not working well. Maps, camera, FOD … It is an interesting rom but needs to continue its development

Positive thing is I’m not alone finding that 0.14 is not working… May be it will interest rom builder : @itsclarence

Use 0.12 instead, I’m happy with it !

Edit : What is FOD ?