Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro 'twolip' + /e/ OS ‘Q’ AOSP Android 10 based

06.02.2021 | Installation of /e/ on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro - “twolip” (beta) successful.

eRecovery with adb sideload provides a smooth /e/ OS ‘Q’ installation. But the font in eRecovery is extremely small.

I needed a manual magnifying glass to be able to use the eRecovery menu with the tiny font. Improvements are needed.

That’s eOS, NOT aosp !!! That’s a big difference

Well, /e/ OS ‘Q’ is a fork of LineageOS 17.1. LOS 17.1 is based on AOSP Android 10. The fact that /e/ makes some changes to the code does not justify saying it is not based on AOSP Android 10.

than you can write eOS ‘q’ google Android 10 based. Because AOSP are google sources

Without Google, this AOSP Android would not exist. AOSP stands for Android Open Source Project and is only a more specific name for the mobile operating system.

The term “AOSP based” is used when the Android in question is only slightly adapted. The open source stands for the source code of Android, which contains only the necessary and useful codes.

This version is offered by Google for download free of charge. This means that every developer can experiment with the basic structure of Android himself and make carry out adjustments. Manufacturers and developers are very free here and there are only special restrictions that affect Google services.

For me it makes really no sense to write LOS or AOSP based in the head line of such post. I will stop here, because it’s running out of topic and I don’t want blocked again.

Oh yeah thanks, that’s really a good idea.