Xiaomi Redmi note 7- 660 SD

Обычный Xiaomi Redmi note 7 на 660 SD , не 7 Pro пожалуйста,внесите в список участников если это возможно!

Ordinary Xiaomi Redmi note 7 on 660 SD, not 7 Pro, please add to the list of participants if possible!


The adding of this device would be great ! (Xiaomi redmi note 7 (normal version : not the “pro” one))
This phone is actually a very good product and it would be sad to use it with Google on it…

Otherwise thanks a lot to all the community that supports such a wonderful project !

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/e/ is based on LineageOS, before your device can become compatible with /e/ it need to be compatible with Lineage after that you can build your own /e/ image with the script given on GitHub or request another to do and the foundation to add it to officially supported devices.

Otherwise, you can use the /e/ generic image (search GSI on the forum) but be careful : GSI on Xiaomi aren’t as easy to install as on other phones, I suggest you to search a specific tutorial on Google (or /e/ spot).

If you’re not geeks, I can do nothing else for you… Lineage stopped supporting Xiaomi devices as they’re using proprietary softs to control fingerprint sensor.

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Actually LineageOS has restarted download of Xiaomi device builds couple of weeks back. You can check their site here. If you go to each device name you would see the builds have current dates.

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Do you think that Redmi Note 7 is a good device to think about? I heard that Xiaomi is spying through it devices, however I am not sure if this is about software or hardware :thinking: Do you know how it works? Is it safe to use Xiaomi phone when it has /e/ on board?

Redmi Note 7 is now officially supported: Info about Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 - lavender

@Ana.117: can you argument - with sources - your claims about the alleged espionage of xiaomi ?

I am nlt able to point specific info on the Internet :pensive: as I heard about it from my friends and now I am worried if finding Xiaomi phone for /e/ is a good solution :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Currently I am still using my Motorola with LineageOS on board, however trying out /e/ is quite tempting :grin: