Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Greetings, my name is Lunarchatie Rufus Achrofon Kraadekaiev, the Godfather and Lector of Lunarchate.

I’m quite a paranoid individual, so I’ve been searching for a smartphone OS that just doesn’t make me feel extremely anxious and nervous. In my research, I’ve found out about /e/ and I must say, that I’m very impressed. And since my old phone died on me, I’ve decided to buy a new one, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 that is. A very elegant smartphone, but I’m disappointed that Redmi Note 7 isn’t in the list of /e/ supported devices. Could anybody here be able to do so? I’m kind of incompetent in these things.

Thank you for reading this topic until the end and please enjoy the rest of your day, everybody.

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It’s still a very new model, so it’s no surprise that it has not yet received the official support of LineageOS, Resurrection Remix or /e/, which usually takes a lot of time.

But it is also a very popular model from the brand, which is very much loved by third-party developers. (Don’t know why, since unlocking Xiaomi’s bootloader is rather tricky, except Mi A[] lineup )

I think you should just wait for some time, or temporarily install some unofficial ROM.

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Hmmmmm… sounds intriguing.
Could you recommend me some fine ROMs, then?

I guess my answer would be trivial, but I’ll recommend you to pick and install the finest LineageOS build from XDA, flash NanoDroid (instead of GApps) and then add Bliss launcher from F-Droid store. If this works out, the result will be very close to the original /e/ experience. [Here a long disclaimer follows]

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This device with /e/ should be nice :+1:.


Okay then. Let me bring /e/ support for lavender. :slight_smile:

Oh, how lovely of you. But don’t you think you need more people for that? The topic at hand is not a matter of a week or two.

Hi, Test build is ready to flash, Ping me back :slight_smile:

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Well… that was fast. Would you like me to privately message you about your build?

Done. Check PM… sorry for late reply

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro is now officially supported by LineageOS 16, and it’s the first device of this year to receive it.

Wowie… is the not ‘Pro’ version also supported?

By Resurrection Remix, which is another popular LineageOS-based firmware.