Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro (Miatoll)

Hello, apologies for not writing English correctly. I have this device and it is currently running Android 11 with an AospExtended Room. I would like to be able to run a version of E without having to load google services. I am grateful if you can make a room for this device. Thanks

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e-0.15-q-20210324-UNOFFICIAL-miatoll.zip | by CorentinR for miatoll

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Hello, download the following room: e-0.18-q-20210829-UNOFFICIAL-curtana
It works very well, I’m happy with the interface and all the apps work correctly. Very good map application that brings, excellent!!!
I look forward to future updates. Thanks to the developers!!!


An impressive work, keep it up and pls we want official

Dev, after using R version for a while… There seem to be an audio bug where sounds and notification tends to sound at max volume for the first few miliseconds.

Kindly look into this, thank you