Yes, Huawei is planning to let you unlock the Huawei Mate 30 bootloader

UPDATE Richard Yu took it back: “Huawei has “no plans” to unlock the bootloader on Mate 30 series devices

Cool, so huawei will be back on custom roms :+1::+1::+1:

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Great news as their smartphones and laptops are :fire:

Seems like at the moment they are talking only about Mate 30 lineup that comes without Goolag services pre-installed. But these are very expensive devices with proprietary (non-snapdragon) SoC, so I’m not sure that this will interest many custom ROMs developers. Just look at Samsung S10’s, which are in the same situation.

Personally, I’m still hoping for P30 with official LineageOS 17.

It seems that announcement was a mistake by Huawei as it has been updated with a comment from a spokeperson from Huawei:
A Huawei spokesperson has reached out to Android Authority to clarify comments made by Richard Yu at the Mate 30 series launch, now stating that Huawei has “no plans” to unlock the bootloader on Mate 30 series devices :sob:


Ok guys, I just got it confirmed from Huawei even three times in a row from three individual sources: “Huawei stopped the official service to get a bootloader unlock code from Huawei customer service on Mai 25th 2018 - for any Huawei phone!!!”
I also found there is no other option, also if it might be super illegal, to get an unlock code. At least for me it is.
So, message to everyone: DO NOT buy a Huawei phone if you want to use it with a custom rom.

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We know, we know… :pensive:

I wonder what the reason for closing this capability for all markets at once.