Zenfone M2 Network problems with v0.16 upgrade

I’m new here and using Asus Zenfone M2 Max Pro (X01BD)
Today I received the notification to update my Asus to the new /e/ 0.16 Pie version and after updating it I can no longer access the data network and even the wi-fi via the browser Some apps like Telegram work and others (Vivaldi Browser, Aurora Store, …) return a network error. The network icon has LTE and an ‘x’ on the signal level. Could you tell me how to solve? Thank you

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I found that only Whatsapp, Telegram and Tuya Smart work even though the network is still unavailable.
Whatsapp and Tuya are on the list of apps with special access to wifi but Telegram is not
Am I the only one with this problem?

Hi @Alexv, Have you tried in Settings app, go to > System > scroll down to Advanced > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth?

Is the problem the same for when you are just on WI-Fi (turn Airplane Mode on, turn wifi back on) and just on Data?

Hi @Chrisrg, thanks for the reply
Yes, I have already tried to reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth reset but the problem is not solved.
The problem remains on both Wifi and LTE.
The strange thing is that WA works while the system tells me that I have no connection and the icons on the staus bar have the ‘x’
WA and Telegram are the only 2 apps that work (Tuya Smart also works but actually uses wifi without internet connection to control lamps and cameras)
I tried wifi with another phone using the hotspot but the situation doesn’t change!

Well, you could do with some input from other Zenfone users to see if it might be a bug.
Are you able to edit the Topic Title to attract more specific attention? Should be a pencil icon right next to the heading at the top.
Something like: Zenfone M2 Network problems after latest OTA update

Thanks for the hint, I’ll try to change the topic title

I had a similar issues on either a Mi8 or S9+ a complete erase/wipe and reload fixed it in the end.

Thanks, I’ll try too