2 Additional devices now on the /e/ supported list!

Two new smartphones have been added to the supported list by /e/ today!
Today we are adding:

Please read all the device specific details on the info page, especially the ‘What is not working’ part if available.
Report bugs here
Share your feedback here

Download, test, report, enjoy…

Wonder when are we going to reach 100? :slight_smile:


Good job!
I updated my homemade list with these new models.
There, you can find and filter devices specifications.


@rhunault could you update wiki device list webpage to update or delete this footer

“76 devices supported”
(because it’s 81 now :wink: )

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@Superman sure you already have plenty of sources to find phone specs. I found this site http://phonedb.net/. Well built and well maintained.

@alexis this list sure is good!!!
I am so impressed!
Thanks for the link.

Yes, there is also gsmarena and devicespecifications, but my list purpose is to focus only on /e/ supported models :+1:

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I’ve installed the nightly build in my albus and it’s really great! His often are new builds likely to be and how do I find out ehinis maintaining the community build so I can offer to help out?

Hi @jon.spark builds will be coming out when there are any changes in the source code or any bug fixes. This usually happens every two days. This frequency can change and is not fixed. At present we are putting in some big updates and updating the source code. This should start reflecting in the code base soon ( some changes have already been checked in). Just to clarify are you interested in building the ROM for your device?

Thanks @Manoj. I’m just interested in helping out with bug fixes or building or whatever might need to be done. Or even becoming the official maintainer if my skills get to that level. I just wasn’t sure how to go about it and who to get in touch with that produced this awesome build for my albus device.

Thanks @jon.spark for the offer to help. Have sent you a mail reg this.


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