Accidentally reset my Galaxy S9 to factory settings, now it's not recognized by easy installer

I might have made a very stupid mistake. I bought a second hand /e/ phone from ebay, a Samsung Galaxy S9 with an individually/manually set up /e/ OS.
I didn’t consider enough before I went into settings and reset the phone to factory settings for I thought this way I could delete all potential old data from the previous user. However, now the phone screen just lights up with the Samsung S9 logo every few seconds and the phone doesn’t start, since I probably deleted the entire OS altogether. I am trying to re-install /e/ via the easy installer rn, but it can’t recognize my phone and I also couldn’t enable any developer settings or anything since I simply cannot access the phone anymore.

Can anyone help me? How can I reinstall the system without having to spend like 150€ on someone who does it for me? I know a bit of my way around linux but that’s about it concerning my tech skills.
I feel really stupid right now, and I really don’t have much money to fix my problem. Is there anything I can do or is it simply broken forever now?

Thanks a lot in advance to you all

Hi @erikahonecker welcome to the /e/ forum.

When you have a regular /e/ install and you factory reset, the device does not reset to “how it emerged from the factory”, it mostly deletes the data partition, erasing (as you had imagined) all old user apps and settings and data. Leaving /e/ in the state it was the day it was installed, and before you had run the first start wizard. So the first thing you see after a factory reset should be the
bouncing e on a black screen.

So what state is the phone currently in … I cannot see straight off. A factory reset does undo Developer options.

Does the phone boot into Download mode and Recovery mode correctly? Does the Odin mode reveal any clues?

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