Adb + fastboot on PC do not find the USB connected Fairphone despite visibility in Windows file explorer

I downloaded SDK Platform Tools for Windows, unzipped it and can execute adb and fast boot.
But the Fairphone, which is visible in the file explorer, cannot be found by adb.
I tried the following:

ads reboot bootloader
error: no devices/emulators found

ads –s SERIALNO reboot bootloader (SERIALNO stands for the correct serial no of the fairphone)
error: device ‘SERIALNO’ not found

ads –d reboot bootloader
error: no devices found

fastboot oem unlock
< waiting for any device >

Any idea how to connect to the device successfully? (already set to developer mode)

Many thanks upfront

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I had to enable Debugging via USB. After having done so adb has run successfully.

The fairphone showed up with a green
START headline,

‘fast boot mode’ in red and at the end of the text

‘device state - locked’ in red

I started fasstboot oem unlock, but this command again was < wainting for any device >

I pressed volume key and power key together, a new RED headline appeared.
After that, the fairphone rebooted.

Any idea how to proceed now?

Worth a try …

Thanks a lot! This helped again and the device stated ‘unlocked’ now :slight_smile:

How to get the /e/ OS now onto the fairphone?

Since it’s a Fairphone 3 and the bootloader is unlocked now … by following the install instructions here from “Download /e/ for FP3” on …