Adb root debugger

I have Oneplus 3T, Android R dev build, and adb root option on debugger options only appears on 1.11 version. Is missing on 1.15 and above

According to your page , it should be available on all dev builds.
Why doesnt appear option to adb root?

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This info on the page is outdated.
Pinging @Manoj.

Because you are on /e/OS R (Android 11).
Rooted debugging was discontinued in /e/OS based on earlier Android versions in favour of passing SafetyNet.
You would get Rooted debugging back by upgrading to a dev build based on Android 12 (S), but I don’t see that option currently for your device.
For details see … SafetyNet on /e/OS Community "dev" devices - let it in or not?

There was feedback about this page a few days back as well. Have passed it to the build team to evaluate and edit accordingly.

adb root was enabled on only dev build for /e/OS R.
/e/OS S and above stable builds have abd root enabled.

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Yes, until it wasn’t … that’s what @mragonias observed.

Discussed with the developers… the current update is that root access is not available for Android version < 12 or /e/OS S

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so nothing to do, because Oneplus 3T has up to the version R dev. Not S.
I thinck only solution is install Magisk

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