Adding a Second email address

Hello All,

I am over a year with the OS, and plan to stick with it. I have successfully avoided buying anything from Google Play, I like that.

I did search and find older posts, but those seem a bit dated. One even said the hidemyemail feature did not exist.

I do use hidemyemail, but would also like to set up a second alias with my murena cloud account. I’ve been looking around in the web app settings on Windows PC and do not see a way.

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Simple answer: you can’t.
2 solutions here:

  • create another “dummy” account, forward all emails using SnappyMail settings
  • use “user+anything@murena.io1 addresses, all emails will go to tour usual inbox (you can set up filters in SnappyMail to get them arranged in a dedicated folder)

1: let’s say your email address is, and you want to subscribe to newsletters:

Just tested, the “+” trick also works with the “hide my email” address :wink:

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Ahh. I think i had gotten about halfway to this workaround already, but had not figured out the folders. I will give some thought to how much i want to do this.

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