Android 10 arrives

Q, after all the talk about Pie 9 Oreo 8 and lots of devices still on Nougat 7, it seems Android 10 “Q” will be coming soon:


And this is a significant upgrade for us, privacy folks.


How so? (Please explain. Totally in the dark here)

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It includes a lot of privacy enhancements, which makes it difficult to describe everything here. You can just go to Wikipedia and follow some links from the Android 10 chapter.


Perhaps better to know when this is planned for Lineages to use Android 10 and this would give the opportunity to /e/ to support it but before nothing would happen I guess

There is many unofficial LineageOS 17 builds already, so the official release is in progress.

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And also official as well (only from Cyanogenmods from now but it seems to be Lineageos 17 builds)

The - for now - unofficial LOS 17 build for the FP2 is already quite advanced. I have used it for a month now on a secondary device.

On Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 N9005 and Galaxy S4 GT-I9506 unofficial Android 10 ASOP’s builds run amazingly stable.

Thats a good news :slight_smile:

/e/ team, any idea on your roadmap when you project to base /e/ on Lineageos17 ?

LOS 17.0 for /e/ will be after we upgrade present set of devices and v1 which is scheduled for spring 2020.


I really like to hear that, because I’m still an advocate of /e/volution, even if I’ve become a bit more critical than I was at the beginning.

The /e/ OS ROM [changelog] still shows the security patch from Dec 5, 2019.

In my alternative custom ROM Android 10 ASOP on the other hand, the security patch from Jan 01, 2020 is already integrated.

When does spring end there?

The V1 release is now planned to September 2020 (it might still change). So Android 10 will have to wait a little.

I’ve just found my I9506, and it would be nice to have /e/ on it.

I’ve just bought my Samsung Galaxy S9 with the purpose of putting /e/ on it, however it was already installed with Android 10 (look elsewhere on the forum to see why that makes me want /e/ on Android 10 more)

If I were you, I’d put /e/ in the phone immediately

I would as well, the problem is that Samsung built “something” into the bootloader that makes it so that if you have upgraded to Android 10, you will face infinite reboots with switching to oreo or pie.
In the meantime I’ve gone with Lineage OS 17.1 and no opengapps.

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