AndroidFileHost upload problems again

AndroidFileHost upload problems again…:frowning: Any good alternatives?

That would be very kind of you.
I do have a github account I used to do a Coursera data science course long ago.
So I just tried and made a release for s5neolte

Can you please test if you can download?

every time AFH doesn’t work I donate (that’s a trick)

This organization is currently ineligible to receive donations.

no donation possible at the moment

Premium Developer membership is only 40$ year. Does anyone have experience with this?

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Download successful, test tomorrow during the day.

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btw Puck made recently a nice review of S5 neo with /e/OS R

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I use
Pros: it’s free and reliable.
Cons: limited to 180 days.

I’ve started using SourceForge since the latest round of problems with AFH. It seems to be working fine, and it allows me to upload files with scp or rsync, it has an easy-to-navigate folder structure.

I’ve not come across any down sides (yet :wink: ) and I’m thinking of using it instead of AFH

I’ve raised a couple of tickets with AFH and had absolutely no response :frowning:

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Thanks guys for all your help! @Manoj : any change we get the opportunity to upload to the eCloud our unofficial builds?
It would also be good if there could be feedback given somehow if the builds work or not (and any bugs…) and instructions for installing…


That would not be possible. We have limitation of space. With servers storage being costly and already running to capacity with the official builds. You can post them to other cloud storage providers.

Hi Manoj,
Thanks for your swift answer. Can we at least do something to put the unofficial builds more visible? We are here to support and I’m sure a lot of users are happy if they find a ROM that is not yet officially available and want to test a build that might be official at a later stage. This also helps your team to decide if a ROM is stable enough worth being officially supported…

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Hey @ronnz98 — funny just did one, too :wink:

I’ll check with someone, but you are just so productiv — any idea what your total is, as of today? 20GB - 30GB?

Done, but very slow ~ 1h — will also install, as mine has been running fine, but came from my Docker/Snap

Had 2nd device, TWRP 3.4.0-0, clean install, up and running: got emails, notes, cal, contacts… synced, camara fron and back ok :clubs:

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Any idea what your total is, as of today? 20GB - 30GB?
What do you mean with that?

All your ROMs together, which we would factor by how many revisions you would wann keep…
Storage on a server isn’t super expensive anymore, but bandwith…
(Longterm, I’m setting up a server for OTAs in an intranet — may something to look into for your ROMs, to?)

Puh, I assume its over 50 GB by now. I think even more

Update: yes, its more. Just checked and its over 100 GB now…

Yeah, sooooo productiv :wink:
So with ~ 6 revisions ~ 300GB for now, or would you want to keep them forever!?
BTW: have a look for short term quick shareing:

Thanks a lot. Now I have a couple of alternative for AndroidFileHost

Is your account public in the same way as AndroidFileHost or Github?

How can the Custom ROM interested party see all available downloads on ‘Jaguar Networks’ Filehoster?

You as the ROM builder can always create posts highlighting your builds. The unofficial builds are your responsibility for maintenance and debug in case of issues. It has been the same way since the start of this forum, we will not be taking over ownership or highlight individual ROM builders. Even on forums like XDA the maintainers take care of their own builds.

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