Any /e/ branded wallpaper?

Was just wondering if there are any walls or if anyone has created any. It would be cool to have some. I lack creativity though to come up with something.


This is a good idea @marcdw We have some wallpapers that come with the /e/ ROM but you are right need some more cool ones.

So, Chimpthepimp posted a couple of walls in another thread. Pretty nice.

This thread

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I just saw the wallpapers that @Chimpthepimp created. We need more /e/ wallpapers.


I can See to make more :smiley: the ones i made date some time back :smile:

Maybe an “Artwork” section may take place here ? :wink:

i will continue posting in that thread… :slight_smile:

Users can post their ‘artwork’ in the Gallery section.
I think eventually we should plan to add the popular wallpapers to the ROM itself. We can decide popularity on number of likes.

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You just create a new topic in the Gallery section and drag drop your wallpaper in the post.
What is the error you are getting?

What filetype are they? Always used png and never faced any problems… :slight_smile: