Any new official build for i9300?


after i read many storys about new experiments with unofficial builds for other devices i wanted to ask if there are any plans with official Oreo or Pie for the i9300? That would be great, if there is any chance to get an “Upgrade” :slight_smile:
/e/ is realy great an the help here in the community is awesome! Everyday a bit or byte more to learn :slight_smile:

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I use unofficial S3 LineageOS 14.1 with the last security update january 2019. Is your /e/ OS newer?

Yes, it’s probably 2020.

Yes @W00fer, the last one was build May 15th.

What security patch level has it? @Tintin

Hi there :slight_smile:

the last Update is now from 26. June. The patchlevel seems to be from june. Thanks for that.

The update worked without problems. And i only made the update direct on the phone. What i miss is a list of other improvements, not only patch level. Is there any documentation about what is done for this newer version?

This question because the browser quits like before if it is started from f-droid with an url for information about an app. My browser is configured to have an private-window open and the opening with f-droid starts the browser with a non-inkognito-window an quits because it can’t wait for the default private-window. This strange behaviour was discussed a few weeks or month ago. But why is this not changed til now? In the information about the browser this failure is fixed in newer version.

Installed V 79, newest is V 83. And between these versions its was fixed.

Ok, it is the last Update for this old device. but why can’t be fixed the known Problems for this? Or is it because of the update and not a complete new clean install???

It’s a bit sad. This device is older but it works :wink:


After there is no reaction to the problem with the browser i searched again for the known issues in memory of the problem. Every time i want to look after changes or website of an app: Crash of the browser :frowning: And the problem is known and not new.


You can find the changelogs at the following link :

Great, it might be time that I upgrade from LineageOS to /e/ then. Since LineageOS does not get patches anymore and /e/ does.

the official /e/ Builds/Support for the i9300 ends in october (am I right?). Where the hack is this official anouncement with these supportet devices in near future? I did not find it :wink:

But i hope they get the known problems done with newest app updates, that there is a solid version for use til then. That would be great :slight_smile:

Pl check this post for the list

Ah, there it is. Thank you for the link.
I lost the overview a bit in this forum :wink: