Any plans for S10e (exynos) support?

Unfortunately I only found your project after buying my Galaxy S10E. The hardware is perfect for me but I really want to run your ROM (which I have been trying out on an old Galaxy note 2).

Any plans to support that device in the future?


There is already a discussion on this forum about S10e. In short, it’s all complicated with these new Galaxys.

And note that even in the past, not all versions of the models in this series were suitable for flashing.

Ah, Thank you.

Looks like I need to wait for a supported phone that hits all the right criteria for me.

What are those criteria?
There are some really good phones which are supported already.

Small to medium sized, great screen, capacitive finger print reader, stereo speakers, great cameras, headphone jack

I’m not sure but doesn’t older Galaxy models fulfill those criteria like the S7?

Btw how is it with e and note 2? I think that’s a great phone (although older one), used to have one with custom roms like Beanstalk.

I used to have an S7 and the fingerprint reader was terrible, only a single speaker and the screen was good at the time but doesn’t compare to modern screens.

With the note 2 the ROM works very well. it’s very smooth and has bought the old phone new life. The only negative is its quite slow to wake/turn screen on.

oh the other criteria was flat screen not curved which keeps me away from the S9

Somehow I liked that Note 2 better than some newer models with somewhat better specs. I’d say that’s still a good hardware.
In the photography thread there was a list of phones with good cameras and e posted: Essential Phone, Pixel XL 2, LG G5, OnePlus 5 & 5T, Xiaomi Mi 6, Mix 2 & 2s & Poco F1. Does none of them fulfill those criteria?

Hi e.follower,
do you mean to say that there are fundamental problems making and or installing an e-rom on the S10e?
I did not see such an argument yet in the discussion.
If so, would you mind to describe a little what those problems are?

I’m not an expert and I’m unlikely to be able to answer questions about which I have a very vague vision myself. But since the eOS building is still tied to the LineageOS development process, I’m just recommending you look over HERE.

Interesting link!
Seems to me though, that it should be possible to set up a ROM for the S10e :v:

Theoretically – yes; Practically – if we got lucky with some heroic developer(s).

Time never stands still. There are first unofficial images based on Android 10 on XDA-Dev

Please give us /e/ OS on S10e… :pray:

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