App crashes - any solutions?

Updates are already coming OTA.

And even if you flash manually, it takes 10s more.
Without data loss of course.

The fix update isn’t out yet for your device, that’s why you don’t have OTA update available.

The installation of the /e/ OTP update is done via the already installed TWRP Recovery.

A manual installation of a new /e/ build → without data loss “takes 10s more” (Anonyme #7)

Hello friends.

Same config. as @Geron, a refurbished (not from /e/ store) S9+ SM-G965F, flashed by a colleague a few weeks ago, version 0.7-o-2019110830005-dev-star2lte, and … everything’s working like a charm (only very few and random app. crashes) … just great work ! So happy :slight_smile:

Greetings !

Same config too with a refurbished S9+ from /e/ store.
Model SM-G965F
All is working like a charm. Thanks to /e/ team!
But in my version i can read “stable” and not “dev” like in @Geron’s one. Perhaps it’s matter?

Yes it matters. The /e/ refurbished phones sold by the eFoundation are on a “stable” release branch. There is no difference between the “dev” release except that a dev update become a stable one approximately 2 weeks after to ensure there is no major issue.

Since there were issues those last weeks with the dev branch, those updates has not been pushed into the stable branch. That’s why you are stuck on a version from November 8th, but at least you didn’t encounter all those crash issues.

Edit : alternative answer :

Thank you for this explanation!

Apologies if I appeared impatient, that was not my intention. I simply had the impression that all updates had to be flashed manually. This being my first ever Android experience (after 3 Windows phones and a Nokia Symbian phone before that), I have little to no experience with custom firmware for Android devices. And my first install on the S9+ was pretty rough, so I may have reacted a bit too anxious to the idea of having to reflash it all over again.

Thank you for your work on this, and your replies, and thank you Archie for providing this HowTo on manually flashing without data loss. It sets my mind at ease. :slight_smile: Looking forward to the new build with fixed Download Manager even more now. :smiley:

You didn’t :slight_smile:

Like a lot of people sadly.

Thanks to you @denux, just realized that I also have a “dev release” installed.

As I’d prefer to stay on stable versions, I’ve just deactivated the “developer stuff” (don’t remember the exact word, as I can’t reactivate it now, the entry in the system options has disapeared …).

Is it the right way to get back to stable releases, or is there something else to do ?


Sadly no it has nothing to do with developer settings.

To have stable release updates you need to be on a stable release, which is only the case for /e/ refurbished smartphones bought on, which is not your case.

Here is a topic about the stable branch not being publicly available :

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Hi @jpmeuret, ‘stable’ release go out on the phones /e/ sells. The standard build that goes out to all users is the ‘dev’ build. The source code branch is the same for both only differences between the two builds are:

  • The ‘stable’ build go through and additional round of testing.
  • The ‘stable’ build release happens once in a month where as the dev builds go out every couple of days.
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Thanks a lot, everything’s clear now :slight_smile:

The StockROM Android user is already happy if he gets an update every few months.

As /e/ OS user I don’t need an update every few days. Also not every 14 days. It was enough for me to do an update once at the end of a month. So I am on the ‘stable’ level.

I only see the ‘stable’ build as a selling point for /e/ SMARTPHONE. By the way: The Samsung models of the offered with preinstalled /e/ OS are attractive and fair in terms of price.

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I got the update OTA this morning, thank you again! It worked flawlessly, and now the Apps store is working fine. Otherapps still keep closing upon opening, like OneDrive. I hope this will go away with further updates, either for the app or for the OS.
Anyway, thank you all for your hard work and your helpful answers.

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Hi @Geron thanks for the update. There are still some issues with Apps Installer which need to be fixed. I can assure you that the team is working on making it and the OS better.

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The problem with MS Onedrive and MS Sharepoint crashing still exists in version e_FP3-userdebug 10.QQ3A.200805.001eng.root.20201207 dev-keys. What could I try to make them running?

The crashing apps Onedrive and Sharepoint lead me to post an issue on GitHub of microG. I got an answer from a developer. The solution looks promissing - but it’s necessary to upgrade mircoG services core. Is this possible for me as a user?

Microg updates come as a part of the OTA builds. System apps cannot be updated manually by the user.

Thank you for this information.
In the meantime marvin closed the issue on GitHub:

mar-v-in commented 7 hours ago

Updating to 0.2.15 should fix this.

I’m looking forward …