App lounge won't install recently payed App


I went to the web version of Google’s Play Store and bought FL Studio Mobile, when I then logged in with my Google ID in e/ os’s App Lounge, I ran into a situation that in the search overview the app was listed as bought (i.e. “install”), but when I switch to the App page the price tag still was shown.

The problem is when I hit “install” the tag switches to “abort” and nothing ever happens. In the meantime I could update some other apps without any troubles so this seems related for just this app. See attachments

A few days earlier I bought a different App just like above and managed succesfully to install it like that. Also I just installed a free app without any issues. So I’m not sure what’s the issue here.

Any knows a solution?

What I did prior this post:

  • reboots
  • relogins to App Lounge
  • multiple trys to hit the install button

[Excuses for the disorder, forum asks me to put screenshots into multiple posts]

Clear App lounge cache

Cv. Probleme mit "App Lounge" - #2 by Tux17

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