Apps layout disappears


I arranged my apps in a certain way on the screen, and several times, it disappeared, mixing up my practical personalized layout and undoing the groups of apps I made. It happened after some reboots (including the last one today), and also other times suddenly without no reason at all (I mean not even after a reboot or any change in the phone)

Any way to avoid that problem?
Any way to at least keep a memory of the layout so that if it happens again, it can be restored quickly?

Thanks for reading my post

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I have never experienced that. If this keeps happening on your device, you may want to file a bug report for the developers to look at.

Thank you for your answer, I’ll do that!

I think that you have the same issue than many other people unfortunately (that one for example: Bliss launcher automatically reorganize icons).
There is for example a bug here (Apps organization bug / Bliss crash (#6042) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab) for which one /e/ team is working on.
You can suggest to link the bugs because there is a link between them.

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Yes you are right! Thank you! I reported the bug on gitlab and I already had an answer refering to a similar bug.

You mean add the link of the bug you shared on my bug report?

Indeed it was me on your Gitlab issue :wink:
If I’m not wrong, you receive notification for the issue in Gitlab only if you reported the issue or if you already did a comment in the issue (if someone can confirm?)
So if your issue is a duplicate of the link provided (here or in gitlab, normally it’s the same), it would worth to link the two bugs and close yours (if there are indeed linked and/or identical). But if you close your bug, I guess you would like to have some news about the fix of the bug which would be done on the other issue you didn’t reported… so you would not have notifications of actions.
Except if you post a comment on it. And you can do this proposing in the first bug to link the first bug with your bug

ok in fact, I just found that you can enable notification for any issue in Gitlab but it’s not easy to see it:
at the extrem bottom right:


Done! Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

you’re welcome!! :wink: